Best Vape Mods – Kangertech Review

kangertech-logo If there is anything that the manufacturers have learned over the past few years, is coming up with intricate device designs, but they leave room for device failures. However, the KBOX 200W, Kanger Kbox is a recent perfect example of a very functional free to failures, yet a device with a simple design. The device is small with a size which is around the size of a deck of cards, even to the device thickness. Even thou it is wider than a deck of cards the fact that it is powered by two 18650 batteries makes it smaller and finely designed for what it has to offer.

kanger_kbox_200wKangertech has taken a revolutionary leap by introducing the KBOX 200W TC mod which is in the KBOX Series of their devices. It really is the best vape mod.  It is worth to mention that the KBOX 200W TC box mod vape has the power to fire up to 200 watts as the smallest device in the market today. It is using the latest kanger chipset which have made it possible to improve the wattage output up to 200W and also incorporating a temperature control mode.

The Following are Kanger KBOX 200W Features and Specs

· Micro USB Cable (but it is sold separately )

· Dimensions of Kanger KBOX 200W: 3-1/4” x 2-1/4” x 7/8

· It has a wattage output range of 7-200 W

· Temperature control mode due to the installed Ni-chrome wire. Note that the high temperature control mode requires titanium, nickel and stainless wire.

· High resistance

· LCD Display screen

· Aluminum alloy and zinc alloy construction

· Requires two high amp batteries (sold separately)

· Micro USB port that is for DC 5V at 1.5A specifically for future firmware updates

· PCB with unique serial numerb

· 10 second safety feature for cut off

· Protection of high temperature

· Reverse battery protection

· Short circuit protection

· Low battery warning

· Over- discharge protection

The kangertech KBOX 200W mod comes with a 30 day warranty which covers manufacturing defects from the date it is delivered to you. Dislocation and scratches that it might pick from regular use are treated as normal tear and wear and are not covered by the 30 day limited warranty.

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· Upgradeable

· Built very well

· Easy to use and adjust

· Sled do not damage the battery wraps

· Very cheap to buy

· Compact design


· The buttons do not look good

· You can’t switch between modes while it is plugged and charging

· The battery drains a bit faster

· Prone to scratching

· It doesn’t fell like a full 200 watts

Verdict KBOX120海报

This is a very fantastic mod that stands out from the other products due to its powerful features, beautiful designs and affordable price. Despite the few cons listed, every vaper should consider owning the kangertech KBOX 200W. it is one of those mods if loose it today you will go and get another tomorrow, it is worth it. detailed Review

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