Meetup is the world’s largest network of local groups. It facilitates anyone who wants to find and organize local groups, so they can meet up face-to-face to learn, do, and share as well as improve themselves and their communities. Meetup aims to regenerate local communities and help people self-organize.

Key features

· File Sharing

Meetup enables its users to post their meet-up experiences, so other users in the groups not come know the information of the meeting, complete with its time detail and images.

· Pools

It allows the group organizers to ask the opinions or preferences of the group members about the meetup plans, such as the venue, the time, the activities, etc.

· Share It

The users can share the meetup upcoming events or meetup experiences in other social media such as Twitter, Facebook, and Google+. It helps to promote their groups and events, so there will be more people come to these events.

· Join / RSVP

The site enables its user to not only post their meetup schedule, but also invite group members or other people to attend the events. The invited people can also inform their attendance via RSVP to motivate other people and help the event organizers predict the numbers of people that will come.


· Easy to use since all features is well-organized.

· There are 33 main topics with more than 1000 specific topic that ease the users experience in finding the groups that interest them.

· It has meetups / activies agenda notification to remind the group members.

· It is available in 180 countries and enables international groups / meetings.


It is not free of charge. It charges the group organizers some monthly fee. There are several basic and unlimited plans based on the numbers of group members and co-organizers.


Meetup is an innovative mobile application that eases people’s ability to expand and manage their networking in local and international groups. It facilitates the users’ communication with each other, plan their meetup events, and share easily. It is one of the best applications that aim to connect people with some specific interests and motivate them to meet each other face-to-face.