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"It’s too serious. These are people forced from their homes and communities due to rising sea levels and a host of other natural disasters, so-called natural disasters, but in fact these are all man-made. Sea level rise, for example, threatens half of the world's population living within 200 kilometers of a coastline. These situations will only worsen, not improve, until we stop the cause. This means to halt the livestock production and meat consumption."

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Topics from August, 2004

417 - Sang Wei Lin on Seven Swordsmen

Saturday, August 28. 2004. Posted by Scoops Guild in PeopleTV News

402 - Ada Choi's Role in Seven Swordsmen

Sunday, August 15. 2004. Posted by Scoops Guild in TV News

399 - Seven Swordsmen Filming in Progress

Monday, August 9. 2004. Posted by Scoops Guild in TV News

394 - Four Rarities of the Royal Palace Wraps Up

Friday, August 6. 2004. Posted by Scoops Guild in TV News

393 - Who Are My Heart VCD Released

Wednesday, August 4. 2004. Posted by Scoops Guild in DVD NewsTV News

395 - Seven Swordsmen Begins Production This Month

Wednesday, August 4. 2004. Posted by Scoops Guild in TV News


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