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"I would say that the most serious one is the frightening prospect of runaway global warming, the frightening aspect that nations will not do enough to stop it. This irreversible effect, we want to avoid at all costs, especially since it may not be as far away as we would like to think. But I would say the most hopeful is that more and more people are becoming aware of the real solution, which is to be veg. The more people who eliminate meat and, indeed, all animal products from their lives, the more we have a chance to save the planet and not only that, to actually restore our Earthly home to her original grace and beauty and even more so, more beautiful, more abundant, more peace, more gladness than what we have known up to now."


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Topics from December, 2008

614 - Francis Ng Starts Chasing Shadows

Wednesday, December 31. 2008. Posted by Scoops Guild in Film News

608 - Somebody to Love Trailer

Sunday, December 7. 2008. Posted by Scoops Guild in Film NewsTrailers

605 - Does Robot Fall In Love?

Friday, December 5. 2008. Posted by Scoops Guild in Film News

604 - Positive Responses at Ip Man Test Screening

Friday, December 5. 2008. Posted by Scoops Guild in Film News

603 - Jeffrey's Believe It or Not: Wu Jing is Not Human

Wednesday, December 3. 2008. Posted by Scoops Guild in Film News


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