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"Animals are being exploited in such an unbelievable way; it's not acceptable. PETA is trying to get your attention, and they're successful at it. ... If you talk to people who grew up on a farm, they'll tell you that they had an experience where they were taking care of a cow, and one day their parents took it away and killed it. It's a torturous experience for them, and that's when they became hard. People are taught to be grown-up or whatever, and that's dumb. That bond they had with that cow or chicken was real."


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Topics from August, 2009

697 - Bad Blood Official Site

Monday, August 31. 2009. Posted by Scoops Guild in Film NewsNews LinkTrailers

696 - Wu Jing is Wu Jing in 36 Manoeuvres of Love

Monday, August 31. 2009. Posted by Scoops Guild in Film News

690 - Kungfu Cyborg Comics: Character Preamble

Wednesday, August 19. 2009. Posted by Scoops Guild in Film NewsImages

689 - Kungfu Cyborg Gala Premiere

Thursday, August 13. 2009. Posted by Scoops Guild in EventsFilm NewsTrailers


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