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Chinese Name : Pinyin : Wu2 Jing1  

Also Known As : Jason Wu, Jacky Wu
Date of Birth : 3 April 1974
Place of Birth : Beijing, China
Family Members : Father, Mother, Sister
Education : Graduate of Beijing University of Sports
Languages : Chinese, Cantonese, English
Height : 1.75m
Weight : 65kg
Interests : Filming, Reading, Swimming, Horse-Riding
Most Grateful to : Coach Wu Bin and Yan Ping, Director Yuen Wo Ping and  Cheung Sing Yim, Mainland Director/Actor Jin De-Mao
Favourite Country : One without war, where its citizens live happily
Favourite Comics : Dragon Balls
Ambitions : To act in good productions, to break into Hollywood; to lead, to experience a rich, colourful life
Aspirations : To be a director, to make meaningful, satisfactory, quality productions 




Hailed by Yuen Wo Ping, the genius and very talented martial arts choreographer as well as director, in the late 90s as the martial arts star with the most potential among the younger generation, Wu Jing is a multiple-time national wushu champion from Beijing, China. Wu Jing was born into a royal Manchurian family, belonging to Yellow Banner of the Eight-Banner Confederation, and both his grandfather and father are martial artists. 

A former member as well as assistant coach of Beijing Wushu Team, he was sent by his father to Beijing Wushu Academy to train in martial arts at a tender age of 6, albeit somewhat reluctantly initially. But after acclimatising himself to the new environment and the rigorous martial arts training routine, his passion for it grew stronger.

Around 1995, when the film director of Jet Li's highly successful Shaolin Temple series, Cheung Sing Yim, and Yuen Wo Ping visited Beijing Wushu Academy to look for a suitable candidate for Tai Chi 2, they discovered Wu Jing, of whom Coach Wu Bin was unwilling to let go, and a new martial arts star was born. With Yuen Wo Ping as the martial arts choreographer, you can expect nothing less than captivating fight scenes, even if the plot is slightly cheesy - just a little. Wu Jing later signed a three year contract with Yuen Wo Ping and in the ensuing years, they made 3 TV series: Master of Taichi, New Shaolin Temple and Swordsman of Flying Dagger, all of which enjoyed huge success in the East. Wu Jing's incredible display of martial arts and great acting skills in especially Master of Taichi, where he went to the actual Chen Village to learn more about Chen Style Taichi, won him tremendous acclaims and respect from the audience in China, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

An extremely assiduous actor who does everything with utmost care, dedication and commitment, Wu Jing is not one to rest on his laurels. Wu Jing always delivers his best and is disinclined to rely on stunt doubles, even with highly demanding and dangerous stunts. Besides doing his part as an actor, Wu Jing also offers his inputs on the script and the role he is doing, both of which are usually positively accepted by the directors. Having learned action direction from Yuen Wo Ping and Yuen Bun, he also participates in martial arts choreography of his works, such as Metamorphosis of Heavenly Silkworm, Shaolin King of Martial Arts and The Empire is of More Importance. In the latter, he designed two distinct sets of kungfu for the the twin roles of  Emperor Qianlong and his commoner brother he was playing. Wu Jing also showed remarkable flair for comedy, especially in Southern Shaolin, which was popular enough to spawn a sequel 36th Chamber of Southern Shaolin, which is even more hilarious than the original.


Wu Jing still maintains good relations with Yuen Wo Ping and Cheung Sing Yim after their contract ended. In 2000, he was invited by Yuen Wo Ping to join Tsui Hark's Legend of Zu , while at the beginning 2002, Cheung Sing Yim recommended Wu Jing to Shaw Brothers, which was planning to return to movie-making since nearly two decades ago. Wu Jing was subsequently chosen by Liu Chia Liang to star in Drunken Monkey. While Liu Chia Liang had no doubts about Wu Jing's wushu skills, he was not so sure if latter could adapt to his Northern Kungfu. Given his good foundations, Wu Jing handled the Northern Styles with ease, which bowled Liu Chia Liang over.


While Drunken Monkey did not give Wu Jing ample opportunity to shine, and despite being given a lukewarm reception in Hong Kong, it opened new doors for him. At the behest of Liu Chia Liang, Wu Jing performed with the Lau Clan at a charity concert Heart to Heart, Hong Kong Takes Off Again in June 2003. His performance so impressed Uncle Ba and Paco that they signed Wu Jing up as their artiste, and begin a series of crusades to establish Wu Jing as an international action star, the first of which is to shoot a modern actioner Sha Po Lang with Donnie Yen and Sammo Hung in the lead.




Wu Jing's Publicist / Agent:

Paco Wong, Gold Label Management (HK)

"Uncle Ba" Chan Tak Chi, Abba Entertainment Group (HK)


Correspondence Address:

Gold Label Management Limited

Suites 802-4, Tower 6, The Gateway, 9 Canton Road, Tsimshatsui

Hong Kong









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